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Back To The Land™ began as a thesis exploring the nuance of the post-pandemic back-to-the-land movement. As I myself had recently lit out for the territory to  commune with nature, I began to imagine a business where meaning was front and center and my skillset in real estate was of good use. 
Although the Texas Hill Country presents significant opportunities for the real estate industry, there are several challenges and considerations that needed to be addressed. Things like development pressure, reliance on groundwater, and inadequate infrastructure. I asked myself, can we conserve that in which we trade and still have a viable business model? Can we serve the aging demographic of the Hill Country to keep their land in their families, while also ushering in a tidal wave of new residents? Can we conserve land, diversify our water portfolio, and build new product at the same time?   Back To The Land™ was born. A suite of entities dedicated to Conservation in Action: a not-just-for-profit real estate brokerage, a conservation-development consultancy, a non-profit dedicated to supporting endeavors that give back to the land, and soon BTTL Kids, an after-school program for the future stewards of our communities and villages.



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